Ensure that all people reach a harmonious physical well-being and spiritual balance..

Veronica's Massage Gold has been the best massage experience I've ever had. I wish I could find a place like that here!!

- Laura Santa Anna


Our mission is to be an inclusive and sustainable company that offer high quality services creating unforgettable experiences of healing, relaxing and wellnes to our clientes, providing and space of personal and professional development to our colaborators.


Consolidate as a leader company in the region that provides the physical health care and emotional of our customers and colaborators, inpiring a enviromental social conscience formation, collective equity, inclusion and sustainability

Why choose us?

  1. We are an inclusive company
  2. Responsablie and sustainable
  3. We are the first massage center in Playa del Carmen
  4. All our terapist are certified
  5. We just use natural products and from local origin
Relaxing Massage
Deep Muscle Massage
Therapeutic Massage
Reflexology Massage
Prenatal Massage
Sports Massage
Facial Hidratante
Facial Anti-Edad
Facial Revitalizante
Facial Reafirmante
Manicure Clásico
Pedicure Clásico
Manicure SPA
Pedicure SPA
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Brazo completo
1/2 Pierna
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